Where can I find materials in order to promote LocJAM?

Please check our presskit for a complete profile of the contest and high-resolution logos to use in your communications

How do I participate?

A translation pack will be published on the locjam.org website during the contest, which you must translate and send back as instructed in order to participate. No prior registration is required.
In order to know the contest dates, please visit the LocJAM.org website, follow the IGDA LocSIG group or subscribe to the IGDA LocSIG newsletter.
While most game jams are focused on speed, LocJAM provides about two weeks in order to cover only one day of translation work, so that anyone determined enough can participate, regardless of concurring work/study engagements


Who can participate?

Everyone is free to participate, without limitations with respect to age, nationality, place of residence, or professional status.. You must apply as a professional if: you have won LocJAM before, or you have a University Degree as a translator, or you have any other Degree plus two years of experience (~200.000 words translated or ~800.000 words reviewed) either professionally or as a volunteer, or you have five years of translation experience (~500.000 words translated or ~2.000.000 words reviewed) either professionally or as a volunteer.

Amounts for Japanese into English are doubled, so ~400,000 moji translated or ~1,600,000 moji reviewed and ~1,000,000 moji translated or ~4.000.000 moji reviewed.


Are groups allowed?

Yes, you are free to join forces with any number of translators. editors and supporters. However, eventual prizes like studio tours will be awarded to only one member of the group. (Only one entry per group, any identical entry found will be disqualified)


Is it free of charge?

Yes, it’s entirely free and non-profit. All contest activities are managed by volunteers with material costs covered by yearly grants from the IGDA Foundation.


What kind of prizes are awarded?

LocJAM deliberately avoids having any prizes of significant value. Instead, the focus is on providing visibility through the website and meetings. The general idea is to provide something that can help the career of translator without encouraging a cut-throat competition. This is a jam, the people you meet and the experience you acquire matter more than being in the winners list. In other words, the focus is squarely on the journey, not the destination.


What are the local study groups?

Study groups are local gatherings that independent volunteers organize around the world during the contest.
It’s not necessary to attend one in order to join the contest, but we recommend it: networking and discussing with fellow localizers is always useful.
Just remember: besides verifying the qualifications of the host and requiring that the event is free and no promotional, the contest organizers have no control over the study groups and no direct relationship with their host.
If you are organizing a local study group and would like to see it listed on this site, please write to info@locjam.org


What are the goals of the event?

LocJAM is a community event organized by the Localization Group of the International Game Developers Association.
As such, it matches its goal of acting as a focal point for the game localization community at large, gathering its different members and souls around a single game.
Creativity and collaboration are strongly encouraged and LocJAM administrators reserve the right to disqualify any contestant acting aggressively, maliciously or otherwise creating discomfort to the community in general.


What is your privacy policy?

The jury has no access to contact details and reviews entries in anonymous form.
At the end of the contest, names and contact details of the winners are published online (or omitted completely or partially on request).
Details of non-winning entries get removed and aren’t used for any purpose except further LocJAM announcements.


Why isn’t my language part of the contest?

LocJAM is a free event run by a tiny group of volunteers.
The inclusion of further languages that have an established localization industry and can provide both a sizable audience and qualified jurors may be taken into consideration, but your active participation and support will be required.
This said, our games can be easily translated into a variety of languages, so if yours isn’t represented, feel free to translate it anyway¬†and share the results with the community. LocJAM will always support such efforts, even when we didn’t have the means to review your entry.


Why some juries includes companies instead of translators?

Involving both localization companies and translators is part of the mission of the IGDA Localization Group, which is meant to act as a meeting point for all localization professionals.
Moreover, localization companies help the contest by handling a larger number of entries, providing clearer accountability and adding value to the prize through notoriety and studio tours.


Why can’t we get feedback from the jurors? Why can’t I leave them notes?

While LocJAM strives to imitate professional translation project as much as possible, we can’t recreate the one-to-one dialogue between author and translator.
LocJAM is literally open to anyone, and providing clear, consistent and meaningful feedback to everyone would substantially turn it into an open translation course on the Internet.
Because this is beyond our aims and resources, we kindly ask participants to work based on their best assumption and collaborate with the other participants in order to find the best solutions.
In any case, rest assured that any objective issue with the source text will be known by the jury and taken into consideration during the review process.


I tried to save the game file, but all the translations got replaced by ???

You inadvertently saved in the wrong format, due to Excel’s numerous warning messages, Download the translation kit again and follow the steps below when saving

Excel 2007:
-When closing the file or Excel, a warning message will display “Do you want to save changes to trasrator.csv?” Click Yes
-When saving, Excel will display a warning message saying “trasrator.csv may contain features that are not compatible with Unicode Text. Do you want to keep workbook in this format? To keep this format, which leaves out any incompatible features, click Yes” Click Yes

The same happens if you use “Save” while translating, just click yes. Never use “Save as” and never change file format

Excel 2013:
-Always save manually (Ctrl+S). Never use “Save as” and never change file format
-When saving, Excel will display a warning message saying “Some features in your workbook might be lost if you save it as Unicode Text. Do you want to keep using that format?” Click Yes
-When closing the file or Excel, a warning message will display “Do you want to save your changes to trasrator.csv?” Always click don’t save