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Let's translate worlds!

- 2015, Worldwide

A non-profit videogame translation contest organized by team GLOC, the Localization SIG of the IGDA and the IGDA Japan Chapter.

LocJAM is an official IGDA program supported by the IGDA Foundation.

The Vision

A free and open source game translatable in less than one day. Eight days for honing your text to perfection. And the best of the industry, ready to take notice.


Rules to follow, file to translate, form for applying: this website and a computer with internet access are all you need to participate.


First time translating a game? No problem! Join one of the optional local workshops, organized by veteran localizers.

Contest outline


Competition begins Sunday February 22nd 2015 at 00:01 and ends Sunday March 1st at 23:59 (Greenwich Mean Time). The text to be translated and a submission form will be published on this website. No previous registration is required.

Only English to French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, European Spanish and Latin American Spanish are eligible. Both professional and amateur translators are eligible and there is no fee for entry.

Screening and review

Entries are reviewed in anonymous form.

The basic translation level of each entry will be checked by professional translators.

Entries that pass the initial screening will be judged by the jurors, which will pick their favorite professional and amateur translations in their language.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced in May 2015 and will be invited for a studio tour by their juror*. Non winning entries and names will be deleted.

* Synthesis Brazil and Wordlab will issue a diploma instead

Local workshops

Contest results

The contest is over

Winners will be reached by email and announced in May.
In the meantime, feel free to translate our contest game "Grandpa" on your own and follow game localization news and updates on IGDA LocSIG's Facebook group


Many great prizes for many great translations

Many paths can lead to a great localization. That's why LocJAM will have multiple recommendations from 20+ major localization agencies.


The people that made LocJAM possible.

LocJAM is a non-profit effort by the companies and associations below.

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