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    April 15 - 30, 2017

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Let's translate worlds!

April 15 - 30, 2017 - Worldwide

A non-profit videogame translation contest organized by team GLOC and the Localization SIG of the IGDA,

with the support of the IGDA Foundation.

The Vision

A free and open source game translatable in less than one day. Two weeks for honing your text.
A welcoming community ready to support you and take notice.


This website has all you need to participate: the contest rules, the files to translate, and the form for applying.

Study Groups

First time translating a game? No problem!
Join one of the local study groups, organized by independent volunteers.

Contest outline

Competition begins April 15

Get Notified


Competition begins Saturday April the 15th 2017 at 00:01 and ends Sunday April the 30th at 23:59 (Greenwich Mean Time). The text to be translated and a submission form will be published on this website and will be freely accessible until the end of the contest. No advance registration is required..

Only English to Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Europe and Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Europe and Latin America) translators are eligible. Both professional and amateur translators are eligible and there is no fee for entry.

Screening and review

Entries are reviewed in anonymous form.

The basic translation level of each entry will be checked by professional translators.

Entries that pass the initial screening will be judged by the jurors, each of whom will pick one professional and one amateur translations in their language.

(You must apply as a professional if: you have won LocJAM before, or you have a University Degree as a translator, or you have any other Degree plus two years of translation experience (~200,000 words translated or ~800,000 words reviewed in any field) either professionally or as a fan/volunteer, or you have five years of translation experience (~500,000 words translated or ~2,000,000 words reviewed in any field) either professionally or as a fan/volunteer.)

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced on this website and other community channels in July 2017. Contact details of all non winning entries will be deleted.

Prize: Studio tours/diplomas + Legends of Localization books (details)

Local study groups

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Many great prizes for many great translations

Many paths can lead to a great localization. That's why LocJAM will have multiple recommendations from 15+ major localization agencies.

Legends of Locazalization books are donated by Clyde and Heidi Mandelin


The people who made LocJAM possible

LocJAM is a non-profit effort by the companies and associations below.

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  • Frequently asked questions

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    What are the goals of the event? Are groups allowed? Why isn't your language part of the contest? Find all your answers right here!

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  • March 1 2017

    LocJAM Japan winners announced!

    News Image

    A huge thank you to the IGDA Foundation for the financial support, to the IGDA Localization SIG Steering Committee, to our Senior Jurors (Brian Gray, Nat Guy, Kyo, Clyde Mandelin) and Junior Jurors (Hsing Chen, Gavin Greene, Ema Kodaka, Ko Ransom) and to anyone who participated and shared this contest

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  • July 19 2016

    LocJAM3 winners announced

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    LocJAM3 winners list is now online :) Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated. How would you fare translating a board-game? Grab our translation kit and find out!

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  • May 16 2015

    LocJAM2 winners announced

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    And the winners are... :) Congratulations and thanks to all participants. Would you like to translate a visual novel? Then download "Grandpa" and join the fun!

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